Clifford Primary School

Clifford Primary School


At Clifford our children will experience a variety of opportunities and experiences, challenging them both inside and outside the classroom - allowing them to excel in a broad range of physical activities and engage in competitive sports and activities.  

They will focus on improving their fitness, health and well-being through knowledge and application.


Pupils and staff participate in the daily run. We believe that regular exercise improves pupil’s stamina and mental health, as they challenge themselves to run the mile.

Our playtimes are very active, with sports leaders and gardening club developing children’s skills and ensuring all pupils are active.

Our aim is for our children to develop physical, technical, and tactical sporting skills; enhanced by an embedded focus on mental skills such as resilience, determination and confidence.

PACES coaches are a fundamental part of teaching and learning with all classes having the support of a coach for one of their PE lessons and they deliver high quality after school clubs.


Pupils participate in competitive games in and outside of school. We also enjoy sharing pupil’s achievements from outside of school and we are eager to praise and show off their talents in school through assemblies and show cases, such as Eisteddfod.


There have been opportunities for children to explore and learn new skills through forest school, off site visits and specially organised days such as climbing events and KS2 tournaments.




Children have the opportunity to take part in intra school competition, which has been hugely beneficial in preparing them for their next stage in school life.


We are very proud of our netball team for getting through to the finals of The Herefordshire Spring Games!

 Visitors are used to inspire pupils with new skills.