Clifford Primary School

Clifford Primary School

Pupils Leadership

There are lots of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills in Clifford Primary School.

School Parliament

At the beginning of every academic year the whole school hold a, 'School Parliament Meeting,' to share the children's vision of how to improve the school environment and learning, including planning special events and trips. Everyone has the opportunity to have their say. Then once a month they meet to discuss events or topics in further detail and their voice really does make a difference.

Peer Mediators

Children in years 5 and 6 can apply to become peer mediators. Peer mediators help their peers resolve conflict, within the school playground, using mediation. The peer mediators are trained, through role play, to mediate and resolve disputes in a private, safe and confidential way. The peer mediators always works in pairs.

This important role can be extremely beneficial to the children in the playground as well as the peer mediators themselves.


Digital Leaders




Sports Leaders

In the summer term all of our year 5 children are trained to become, 'Sports Leaders.' The program lasts for 6 sessions. They learn how to plan and lead sporting events. Once they are trained they are ready to set up small sports clubs for the younger children in our school.