Clifford Primary School

Clifford Primary School

Times of the school day

Times of the school day

 New COVID Times

Morning drop off:

8.45 am: Year 5 and 6

8.50 am: Years 1,2, 3 and 4

8.55: Reception pupils

Pick up times

3.10pm: Reception, Years 1 and 2

3.15pm: Year 3 and 4

3.20pm: Year 5 and 6

At 8.45 am there will be members of staff on duty, children should not arrive before 8.45. When the bell rings at 9am children walk into the school in an orderly way, place their coats and bags in their pigeon holes and go into their classroom. Staff are available to help with younger children’s clothing. Once the Reception Year children are used to the routine we do ask you to say goodbye to your child in the playground to prevent congestion and accidents in the cloakroom. If you need to speak with your child’s class teacher, we ask that you make an appointment for the end of the day unless it is of an urgent nature when you are asked to leave a message with the school secretary.


The timings of the day are as follows;

9.00 - 9.10am Registration

9.10 - 10.45am Lessons

10.45 – 11.00am Morning break

11.00am – 12pm Lessons

12 – 1pm Lunch

1 – 3.15pm Lessons

2.15 – 2.30pm EYFS and KS1 afternoon break


The children are grouped as follows;

Pear Tree Class – Reception Year

Willow Tree Class – Years 1 and 2

Cherry Tree Class – Years 3 and 4

Silver Birch Class – Years 5 and 6

 Staff will accompany the children to the playground at the end of each school day to supervise the collection of children and the school buses. We are trialling a staggered pick up to avoid congestion in the carpark.

3.10pm Reception children.

3.15pm Years 1 and 2 and siblings

3.20pm Years – 6.

If normal collection arrangements for your child(ren) have been changed in any way, please inform the school. Lateness in arrival and collection can be distressing for children. We ask you therefore to ensure that your child is at school on time and collected promptly at the end of the day.